Katy Perry-Sweet Rosie Jewellery

Katy Perry shares Sweet Rosie Jewellery on Instagram

With over 100 Million followers, Katy Perry is one of the most followed people on Instagram. In May, she showcased an item gifted to her in Backstage Creations’ annual Mother’s Day Gift Bags, a custom jewelry piece by Scottish designer Sweet Rosie! Katy continued to wear the piece through multiple performances supporting her single release for Daisies from her forthcoming album, Smile. Tagging the brand on Instagram and wearing it through several appearances caused a buzz among fans, who noticed the custom “Baby on Board” necklace. As a result, the brand received huge organic exposure as well as increased media interest. Our gift bags provide brands the opportunity to put their products in the hands of high profile talent and potentially create successful moments like this. We love seeing a big win for a small business!