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We are proud to have been the first company to create the gifting suite concept, blending products, talent and charity in a private boutique environment . Assisting brands with exclusive access behind the scenes as early as 1994 established Karen Wood and her company as the premiere agency to create gifting opportunities behind the scenes of award shows, and we are honored to be a trusted partner to so many high profile Hollywood events. From the Emmys to MTV, from E! Online to Extra, and from small brands to corporate brands, we foster valued partnerships that span decades, and bridge these relationships to help to create unique, media worthy moments at cultural tentpole events.

It is our privilege to help guide brands through their celebrity interactions, whether it be via an in-person, experiential marketing footprint on site at an internationally recognized event, or a smaller project, seeding product out to a limited group of talent. We take a personal approach to both, providing one-on-one consultation and attention to help direct you toward the best possible results. We work hard to make sure each and every brand client receives tangible results from each project, whether it be photos with talent, media exposure, or social media support. We strive for our event partners to have a memorable added value experience for their guests. And we hope that our talent attendees feel pampered & excited to learn about new products. Our proudest moments come from when our clients get a great media hit, or talent really connect with a brand, and this is what has continued to drive us for more than 20 years!

Contact our team if you want help with:

  • Celebrity outreach for your product brand
  • Celebrity outreach for your hotel property or travel destination
  • Celebrity Gifting for your high profile event
  • Product giveaways for your media publication
  • Media experts for red carpet season product recommendations
  • Media experts for commentary on celebrity events during award season

Backstage Creations is the originator of the Celebrity Gift Suite concept, giving brands backstage access at award shows and television specials. We created the very first lounge in the 90’s and were first to market with this innovative business model that took the entertainment and marketing worlds by storm. As we began to provide brands and designers previously unattainable “behind the scenes” access to the world of celebrity, having negotiated contracts backstage at major award shows, an entire industry emerged surrounding our brand-building concept.


Our staff’s mission is to use our combined decades of experience in the entertainment and marketing fields to give each client a personalized experience, paying special care to your needs and goals. With our founder, Karen Wood, at the helm, we have special insight into how to best navigate the award show and celebrity arena to bring you the best possible results for your event or your brand.

The team includes sales & marketing representatives who specialize in placing brands in key events and opportunities to enhance product exposure and an event team who has years of experience in executing production and talent wrangling along with strong ties to media to garner impressive national exposure for each brand at every event.

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