Backstage Creations provides numerous product placement opportunities for our clients ranging from our backstage award show and sporting event suites to individualized celebrity placements and social media activations, corporate gifting programs, charitable partnerships, monthly national media outlet promos and more. Whether you want to be backstage at a premiere celebrity event to activate your brand, or have a specific wish list of celebrities you want to reach, we can customize a plan for your brand or event based on your target demographics and desired media exposure.

A hybrid between the gift bag and the Green Room, our events give our clients an exclusive opportunity to personally introduce their products and services to celebrities and influencers in a room called “The Retreat” backstage at each award show or event. Each brand activates in a way that allows them to engage with prominent celebrities in a one-on-one capacity, creating immediate feedback to their products and services and tying their brand to those influencers in meaningful publicity. In an ever changing marketing and media landscape, backstage suites have remained a cost-effective way for brands to promote their goods using the power of celebrity.

You can browse a selection of just some of our event guests over the years here.

We work with interior designers and home brands on each of our events to create an inviting environment for talent to enjoy throughout their down time at an award show, providing a premium marketing opportunity for those designers and brands to showcase their work and their lines in a way that can create incredible photographic opportunities, as well as moments to discuss future home design and styling with potential clients. Past designers have been called upon to design rooms and homes by talent after they developed a connection in one of our suites.

In addition to our backstage suites, Backstage Creations also produces gift bags for many popular events. These cost-effective opportunities allow brands that do not have the bandwidth to create a full backstage activation to participate on a smaller scale. We gift talent directly, ensuring products get into the right hands, as well as provide media exposure as an official part of the event. We also produce seasonal gifting programs surrounding holidays allowing you to reach talent all year round. Our Festival Season, Mother’s Day, Holiday season, and other specialized gift bags have been seen on social media, giving organic social media support to brands.

If you seek to reach a specific demographic of talent, want a boost surrounding a specific product launch, wish to find a talent partner for guaranteed social media endorsements, or desire long term talent support to supplement your marketing team’s brand efforts, we can create a customized program geared specifically toward your needs. We have worked with nationally recognized food, baby, and fashion brands for customized outreach programs tailored toward their precise needs. Our decade-long program with a national ice cream chain resulted in billions in media impressions, social media support and hundreds of placements with talent ranging from Kim Kardashian to Britney Spears to Ludacris. We would love to learn more about your brand’s celebrity engagement needs.